Mediation between dealers and private individuals regarding the purchase and sale of second-hand vehicles; that is what we love, are good at, and have been doing for over 10 years now. We manage various labels and via those labels, we help tens of thousands of private individuals successfully sell their car, motorcycle, or recreational vehicle each year.

Transparency; that is what we think is most important. Bad experiences make people distrustful. Dealerdirect’s job is to show you that things can be different. We want to make sure that both car dealer and consumer feel good about the sale. Using our network of 11,000 dealers, enthusiastic specialists, and a user-friendly website, we help you sell your vehicle fast. The keyword in all of this is simplicity!


You’ve probably already heard of Dealerdirect through our radio commercial, But there is more to us than that! You can also turn to us to sell your motorcycle, caravan, motorhome, taxi, or trailer.

Social Responsibility

We feel that diversity in the workplace is very important. We want our employees to feel welcome and respected, no matter their ethnic background. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity, and we are happy to stimulate that.

We also occupy a strong regional position. Thanks to our workforce of over 130 employees, Dealerdirect is able to contribute to stimulating employment in de Twente region. By entering into local partnerships, we are able to create an economically strong region together.